Calculate the time wasted smoking cigarettes and drinking punch.
Go to see the doctor about your certain problem, he’s out to lunch.
years go by, leaking faucet slipping through the crack,
why can’t my life slow motion off this track.
Years go by, leaky faucet slipping through the crack; they won’t be enough to get me out of this messy trash , mo

Hanging on the corner, waiting for a jib and scheduling trains.
chilling for the right one, or anyone with half a brain.
I want a taffy, a stack of green, a stick with a spring, pogo.
years go by, leaky faucet dripping through the crack, why can’t life go in slo mo

wear your colors with a twisted passion, or just for pleasure?
just a joke?
baby loves to love me loves to suck the blood from my heart.
baby loves to dry heave, I believe baby is following apart.

I’m gonna be a star, jump so high get vertigo
reminisce, negotiate, but don’t try to deflate my ego.
years go by, leaky faucet dripping through the cracks.
why can’t my life go in slo meantime,
you feel the heat in compassion, you’re in slomo.

Nope rope’s not for tying, not for holding up the drawers on the pope.

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