Kiss Me In the Moon

For what you ask, for what you want
you say its love but I know better
abusing your power, a sure shot to heaven
idea of freedom voice, plagued with guessing
Out with the arms, out with ideals
tripping on wires, earth ground exploding
you’re always right we question your reason
Kiss me in the moon

time is on your side
that’s the best path; temptation and all those
and I really enjoyed them
but I never knew her name
Out with the arms, out with the arms
lean your eyes up to where you want to be
follow the path of least resistance
corrections penalties
out with your arms, don’t be so persistent
Kiss me in the moon, love me forever
sure shot to heaven
so many insects you know…they’re not doing anything
penalty, he kept kept screaming
crush our desires, throw out some blossoms
lean up your eyes to where you want to be
kiss me in the moon

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