All those things you said to me
Coming on the Last campaign
Coming back to haunt you babe, it’s going round, she said you’ll feel the same
Because it’s coming back you should feel the same
What she said to me, even when you bled for me
Now it’s coming back, She said it’s coming back, you should feel the same

Go on and on you fascist thing
The time you got a face lift
These fascist things you like to spin
They are everything that disgust me
Your fascist spins claim conformity
It’s disgusting me babe.

Fascist swings besides these dreams
That celebrate your little sins
The feelings gone and I’m feeling old
Fascist lives that sit besides
Scrutinizing, typifying
One step alone with Christian energy

I heard the time you couldn’t give a damn
When she said she loved another man
The caring factor is gone
Everything that was said
It’s just the human factor, the human factor
Catch it on the violin with lips rolling out.
You’ll waste in hell
You’re going down babe

The fascist thing you lived to be
Enjoy your life while time is left
The dollar’s up, the dollar’s down
And Liberace is underground
Most everything, you fascist thing
When Christi sings, when Christi sings, it’s just a fashion thing

You fascist thing
Dependency, you watch your come, because it’s just a rusted dove

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