Featuring Fadyma Dem Conde on vocals.

Le crack est son amour comme il passe de main à main.
Abonnement drogues ce n’est pas sa décision. Pleins ne peuvent imaginer pourquoi c’est pas rangé.
A cent mille balles par an, trop aimable !
C’est si bien

Meet this tiny boy
Who’s only twelve years old
He’s got a dog, gun.
Used them both before

He has a house not home
Works out from his car
Uneducated brother who’s average not so smart
His mother is on welfare shes always laced out
When his beeper is a beepen he’s cracken for a deal.
His mother agrees I certainly is no crime
At a 100 grand a year
America so fine

Those four letter words
he’s learned to pronounce so sharp
Down the Cass Avenue with delapitated street lights
He tries to shout
There’s no way out.

Le Sight des vitres craquelées.
Seule chose à laquelle il est exposé : vacarme de télévision. Tant de haine pour se payer, garcon blanc peut acheter le système . il y a no solution. Dis adieu AMERICA.

Johnny gets around
He’s singing from an elevator
Waiting to catch a ride
He gets it
You don’t.

He’s cruising past his fella
Passing finger signs
At a $100,000 grand a year
No way to catch a ride out.

le système il y a no solution dis adieu AMERICA grande.
L’AMERIQUE est si bien. Laisse tomber

At night when he’s sleeping
Sweat pouring from his mind
Someone is failing
But Once again denied
His only exercise, America’s delight.
Performing quality service
Demand, supply.

A cent mille balles par an : trop aimable .
Le crack est son amour comme il passe de main à main.
L’ AMERIQUE est si bien.

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